Tips on Using the Maxiglide Wet-to-Dry level Iron

Using the Maxiglide wet to dry out level Fe can look rather daunting the first clip round. But you'll soon maestro things. The secret is to take your clip and allow the Fe make the work.

1. For mulct hair (or chemically treated hair) usage a less temperature scene (1-4) and (5-10) if you have got thick or coarse hair.
2. Wash your hair before using the level iron. Your hair should be free of dirt, nearly dry and free of tangles and knots. This is extremely important.
3. Remember steam can scald, so never utilize the 'steam burst' characteristic within 3" (10 cm) of your scalp.
4. To forestall steam from wet hair touching your scalp, be certain the hair is completely dry at the roots.
5. Never touch the hot plates; they also can take some clip to chill down after use.
6. Never utilize steam while your fingers are on the ridges of the iron.
7. Straighten your hair in sections; subdivisions should can anywhere 1 1/2 to 3 ins broad depending on your hair type.
8. Be gentle with your hair; there's no demand to squash the plates together. The ceramic plates and pins will make the work for you.
9. Pause for a 2nd or two when you acquire to the end of your hair.
10. The 'steam burst' characteristic is especially utile for softening parts of your hair that are dry, frizzy or brittle. You simply fold the Fe (always gently) before administering 1 to 2 explosions of steam. Once, you've softened the stubborn section; travel over the full subdivision again as you would normally.