How to Lose Weight

So many “quick fix” lose weight programs leave us feeling frustrated and depressed, largely due to the fact that they leave us undernourished and fail to achieve the desired outcome. The ability to lose weight successfully depends on a number of factors, and generally speaking quick fix programs fail to take note of these requirements. The fact is many people in the world over are being told by their doctors to lose weight. Do you know what those health problems are? So what can we do to help our people to lose gained weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Lose weight fads are everywhere as millions of people search on Google for ways to look great. Not all fads are helpful, some are down right dangerous, and most are just ineffective and can even lead to weight gain. 

A recent study followed thousands of participants starting a healthy lifestyle plan. This study, spearheaded by Kaiser Permanente, a health guru, found that the group who kept track of everything that they ate lost twice as much weight as those who did not. Very often weight loss programs fail because the dieter is either disorganized or reluctant to be completely honest about what they have eaten. Writing down your daily intake of food helps to eliminate these two factors. One aspect of weight loss that is often forgotten about is the effect of our attitudes and our thought processes. A negative attitude can be self defeating. 

One way to overcome this problem is through the use of hypnosis, this can often be the missing link that helps you to lose weight more effectively. There are various factors that affect the rate at which we lose weight. Age affects our metabolism, slowing down about 5% every 10 years after age 40. Males typically burn more fat than females due to the fact that they possess a greater muscle mass (more muscle generally means a higher rate of metabolism). Hormone changes at the different stages of our lives can also affect our metabolisms and ultimately our ability to lose weight or gain weight. Although the end result is largely dependant on the food we eat, it is also important to remember that the actions of the mind can play a vital role in the over all success of the diet.